There is no substitute for the personal touch of a truly independent business, especially in the field of live event production. Although we at Entec are proud of our investments in equipment of the highest quality, and continue to maintain and update our systems as a matter of course, we believe that technology is only part of the service we provide. Above all, this is an industry based on human relationships and it is this simple but crucial fact that has always shaped Entec’s character.

Our specialist crew are not just chosen for their world class technical skills, reliability and attention to detail; they are part of the Entec team because of their sense of personal responsibility and natural ability to interact with fellow professionals in a friendly and respectful manner. They know how to handle themselves under pressure in a wide variety of event situations, from the grind of rock’n’roll touring to the comparative sobriety of corporate functions.

Our clients are our lifeblood and, very importantly, each and every one of them is treated with equal respect, regardless of their stature. Many of our clients have returned to Entec, time and time again, whenever they have a new project. For them, it is quite often the case that they cannot find the same brand of service anywhere else.

Ultimately, Entec’s accumulated rare experience is key to what makes it so special. In the years since this company burst into life in 1968, it has witnessed and contributed to every major step in the evolution of the industry, faced every conceivable challenge and worked in all genres of entertainment.

Experience, know-how and a caring relationship: this is what we offer. This is what we want to share with you, our customer.

Our Clients, Past & Present

Recent Testimonials

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“I’m not going anywhere else. Entec are always fair with us on costs, the equipment is the best you can get and so is the service. They’re part of the family.”

Wayne Hussey - The Mission

“One of the reasons I like working with Entec is that they still talk about sound, which is the thing I love. They’re still interested in the gear and their explanations of what’s going on and how they do things make a lot of sense to me as a sound engineer.”

Robbie McGrath - Echo and The Bunnymen

“I went straight to Entec for a full production service and they’ve done a fantastic job. I couldn’t be happier.”

David Davidian - Hollywood Vampires