“I’m not going anywhere else. Entec are always fair with us on costs, the equipment is the best you can get and so is the service. They’re part of the family.”

Wayne Hussey - The Mission

Wayne Husseyfounder, The Mission

“Entec continue to provide support and actively go out of their way to improve our presentation standards. It’s a tremendous company with very special people.”

Stephen Godfroy - Rough Trade

Stephen Godfroydirector, Rough Trade

“The standard of Entec’s service has always been second to none. Their independent structure allows them to be more instantly responsive and you’re treated in a warm and respectful manner. They do everything the correct way and nothing is ever too much trouble.”

Stumpy - Editors

Stumpyproduction manager, Editors

“What I love most about the company is that their structure allows them to keep things personal. You never get lost in the chain. The customer service is amazing.”

Chris Stapleton - Barenaked Ladies

Chris Stapletontour manager, Barenaked Ladies

“It was obvious from the start that this was a lovely company to work with, so we were happy to go forward.”

Steve Comer - Jackson Browne

Steve Comerlighting designer, Jackson Browne

“I went straight to Entec for a full production service and they’ve done a fantastic job. I couldn’t be happier.”

David Davidian - Hollywood Vampires

David Davidiantour manager, Hollywood Vampires

“In all our dealings with Entec, they’ve really taken care of us right the way down the line. I have a lot of respect for them – they go the extra mile to make sure that our show is always what it needs to be.”

Andy Tinsley - Deftones

Andy Tinsleytour/production manager & FOH engineer, Deftones

“Entec is a great fit for me. I get along with the people very well and maintaining relationships is what it’s all about. I really liked the idea of having lights and sound from a single source, and Entec do that so well.”

Matt Doherty - Marilyn Manson

Matt Dohertyproduction manager, Marilyn Manson

“It’s so brilliant to work with Entec. Whatever we do, production-wise, it’s in their hands. Their commitment has been astounding.”

Entec - The Gig Company

Viva McPherson & Jenny JohnsonThe Gig Company

“More than 20 years later, we continue to be loyal to Entec. Quite frankly, it just works.”

Raj Patel - Bootleg Beatles

Raj PatelCompany manager, The Bootleg Beatles

“One of the reasons I like working with Entec is that they still talk about sound, which is the thing I love. They’re still interested in the gear and their explanations of what’s going on and how they do things make a lot of sense to me as a sound engineer.”

Robbie McGrath - Echo and The Bunnymen

Robbie McGrathFOH engineer, Echo & The Bunnymen

“I can’t think of a more professional and caring rental company out there.”

Entec - Richard Lambert, lighting designer

Richard LambertLighting designer, Lambco.

“Our very cohesive relationship with Entec and their ability to reinvest in new technology really helps us to move with the times. They simply understand what we need.”

Kevin Hopgood - The Australian Pink Floyd Show

Kevin Hopgoodmanagement, The Australian Pink Floyd Show