It will come as no surprise that we believe effective communication is key to a successfully managed event.

We offer a variety of hiring options to help your team stay connected. Our range begins with a simple Motorola two-way radio handset and a non-licensed, hard-wired Clear-Com communication system. Those with more sophisticated needs may prefer a Telex wireless radio system, allowing greater freedom of movement and area coverage.

Our professional radio technicians will help select the right system for you and will scan the spectrum to book your radio frequencies within Ofcom’s licensable bands, ensuring that your team’s communications benefit from the utmost clarity.

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For more information about our equipment, please take a look at our Inventory section. Or to find out more about what Entec’s sound department can do for you simply contact Dan Scantlebury, Head of Sound, at or on +44 (0)20 8842 4004.