Entec Sound and Light provided lighting and audio systems for the two music stages – Musion and Marshall – at the Best of Britannia (BOB), a new high-profile brand statement event concept exclusively for new and established British designers and manufacturers.

Showcasing the most innovative, creative original and funky elements on offer in multiple sectors from handbags to marmalade vodka, the first three day BOB event took place at The Farmiloe Building on London’s Clerkenwell Road. The former warehouse is a fine example of Victorian architecture, completed in 1868 by Browne & Robinson.

Entec’s equally fine crew was project managed by Adam Stevenson.

Entec was asked on-board by production manager Charlie Canavan, with whom they have worked on several previous live music projects. The turnaround was exceptionally tight – even by production industry standards – so Entec energised all resources and, the Marshall Stage rig was designed and the kit was loading out of their west London warehouse in less than 24 hours.

Says Canavan, “Entec were brilliant as always. They are such an easy company to deal with; friendly, very well organised and there are never any hassles!”

The Musion stage featured Musion’s stunning HD holographic technology and virtual performances by Paloma Faith, Nathan Flutebox Lee, Harrison, The Janet Graham Band and others, with virtual host Guy Chambers.

The actual live line up on the outdoor Marshall stage included acid jazzers The Janice Graham Bland, The Boxettes and others.

Marshall Stage

Adam Stevenson mapped out a basic lighting scheme design that he knew would work on the compact stage, based around six Clay Paky HPE 300s and six Vari*Lite 2000 Wash moving lights, complete with six 2-lite Moles, all run from an Avolites Pearl 2008 console.

The installation was overseen by Andy Emmerson and then handed over to Canavan’s site technical team who ran both stages.

Entec’s Ed Hammond co-ordinated all the audio requirement, which comprised a left and right stack of three d&b Q1s, three Q-SUBS and a B2 sub per side, together with six d&b M4 wedges, all powered by d&b D12 amps.

The consoles were a Yamaha M7 for front-of-house and a Midas Verona for foldback, and the package included an assortment of mics and stands.

Celebrating the Best of Britannia, the bands all shared a backline featuring Marshall amps and Natal drums.

Musion Stage

The lighting and structural spec for this was already complete, so Entec supplied all the trussing needed to build the stage, Musion screen and the projection equipment.

Ten Robe LEDWash 600s, four MAC 700 Profiles and four MAC700 Washes made up the lighting rig, complete with an Avo Tiger Touch for control.

The audio featured a d&b E12 speaker and a B4 sub per side, D12 amps and audio tracks were played back through Musion’s own system which also controlled the video. Two hand-held radio mics were supplied by Entec for Q&A sessions, and sound was run off generated power.

Pod Bluman Associates supplied the projection elements.

BOB illustrated how Entec can be extremely flexible as a rental operation, and pull all the stops out to make it happen. Adam Stevenson concludes, “We always enjoy working with Charlie and this was a great event in which to be involved for many reasons, including rising to the challenges of thinking quickly and on our feet to find solutions at short notice”.

Best of Britannia was extremely well received.